Words will not bring you the truth, but they will take you to the place where truth exists.

 Eunice Attwood

Clairvoyant, aura reader, author, poet, teacher.

There is a pool of consciousness to which we all have access, the God-self within.

We are Divine Mind created as individual expressions of itself.

I have been receiving teachings from within for many years, and now it is time to share them with the world.



About Eunice.

I was born in England and emigrated to New Zealand with my family in 1952. My childhood was at times quite terrifying, as I witnessed spirits and heard voices, from a very young age. Plagued with strange illnesses and other unusual experiences, I thought I was going insane. I felt very lonely and misunderstood in my childhood.

In later years, after suffering a mental breakdown, I began leaving my body, and the voices became even more disturbing. It was at this point that a friend took me to a spiritualist church, and I felt I had come home. There were others who could see what I was seeing, and I felt alone no more.

After a marriage break up, I raised my three children alone while doing occasional readings for people. I did this free of charge for many years but still had health problems. I had many spells in hospital, undergoing surgery several times.

In 1996 I went to England and spent a week with a spiritualist group in Clacton-on-Sea, under the guidance of British medium Eileen Roberts. After my return I began working professionally as a clairvoyant. Over the last sixteen years I have read for people from over 35 countries.

I now specialise in reading auras. Working in this manner, I am able to reveal the future for approximately 2 years. I work with colour, and hear an inner voice which guides and directs me in drawing the client's aura, while writing information relevant to their life. The information also shows the approximate times when events will occur.

It is important that I completely empty my mind in order to receive the information, which comes to me like dictation. The page before me comes alive as I see events unfolding on the blank page. I do not rely on guides or spirit helpers any more, as I have developed a way in working directly with a higher consciousness.

Readings are approximately of 1 hours duration and cost $80.

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My services are now listed on TradeMe (spiritual services), along with testimonials, and Psychic Connection NZ